Data Analysis for Clinical Research Studies


1 Biostats Inc was started to satisfy a growing niche in the field of clinical research.  Clinical investigators with the expertise to formulate study hypotheses need the assistance of biostatistical support to conduct their research studies.  This expertise is often unavailable in a timely manner and/or lack of communication skills makes collaborations difficult.     


2 Combining CRO experience as a Senior Biostatistician and Project Manager in the field of drug development at Research Triangle Park, NC with over a decade of experience instructing graduate and undergraduate statistics courses sets Biostats Inc apart in filling this niche.  


3We know biostatistics and the optimal study designs to generate conclusive results.  We also know how to explain the results in a way that the researcher can confidently understand and defend.

When we say that our results are defendable, we literally mean it in Federal court.

Biostats Inc successfully defends study inferences in lawsuit:

He is gifted with not only brilliant statistical insights, but his gift of listening allows him to apply his knack for numbers to any investigators’ unique project. If you’ve ever wished you had a statistician who knows how to perform high level analysis in a down to earth, professional manner, talk to Dave Gothard. He is simply peerless.

Intensivist, Dir., Clinical Research & Outcomes Analysis, Midwest Children’s Hospital 

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